New legal framework for post-war landmine / UXO recovery in Vietnam

Thứ hai, 21/12/2020
Vietnam's new legal framework includes Decree, Circulars, QCVN, TCVN, and Operating Procedures (SOP, QM). It defines the obligations and powers of domestic and foreign organizations and individuals that are related to their post-war bomb recovery activities in Vietnam, and at the same time clearly specifies the order and procedures for carrying out activities specific motivation of organizations and individuals involved.
New legal framework for post-war landmine / UXO recovery in Vietnam

Up to now, the new legal framework has basically systematized and synthesized regulations on mine and UXO recovery issued in the past, while many contents have approached IMAS and are consistent with the domestic lawsuits.

The legal framework also creates an important pathway for the development of long-term strategies and plans for post-war mine action in Viet Nam, while demonstrating the Government's strong commitment to post-war recovery, and the appropriate attention paid to the victims of bombs and mines and UXO, and unity in the Government's administration of postwar mine / UXO recovery activities.

From there, mobilize - concentrate - save resources for overcoming bombs and mines consequences and promote socio-economic development in the whole country.

Source: KVMAP

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