Review workshop on draft Information Management Regulations for mine action projects in Viet Nam

Thứ sáu, 23/10/2020

Over the past years, Vietnam has strived to overcome effects of mines and Explosive Remnants of War (ERW) left after wars. Every year, thousands of hectares has been released from the danger of mines and ERW, thousands of facilities have been built, tens thousands of households have been resettled on "cleared" lands, but the ERW are still there, still very serious in a large area all over the country.

Review workshop on draft Information Management Regulations for mine action projects in Viet Nam

The collection and management of data on UXO victim, contaminated situation and results of survey and clearance operations plays a very important role in mine action. Information management is an integral part connecting and supporting other pillars in mine action sector as well as other contents in the "National Mine Action Plan, period 2010-2025" (Program 504) which has been approved by the Prime Minister. Good management of information will enhance the efficiency and quality of each specific project as well as the entire Program 504. Accurate information will be a supporting element for the State Authorities and the Ministry of Defense in formulating strategies and priority plans for the mine action and socio-economic development at all levels, ensures the effectiveness of decision-making process, supports a rational and economical allocation of resources; and contributes to an effective, close and transparent mine action management.

Based on the actual requirements of the tasks, the National Mine Action Database Center/ VNMAC has drafted the Regulations on collection, management and use of information to be applied in mine action projects, it was based on the Information Management Regulations of the "Korea – Viet Nam Mine Action Project" currently being implemented in Binh Dinh and Quang Binh provinces. This draft regulation compliances with Decree No. 18/2019/ND-CP dated 1st February 2019 of the Government on the management and implementation of activities to overcome the consequences of mines and ERW left after wars and Circular No. 195/2019 / TT-BQP dated 27th December 2019 of the Ministry of Defense guiding the implementation of the Decree 18.

Mr Nguyen Van Nghiep, Deputy General Director of VNMAC at the workshop 

For such purposes, on  22nd October 2020, in Quy Nhon City, Binh Dinh Province, the VNMAC organized a consultation workshop to seek for and collect comments on the draft regulations from different units and organizations who are directly involved in survey and clearance operations as well as military agencies at the provincial and district levels who will be in charge of mine action projects during implementation phase.  Based on the comments collected in the seminar, the VNMAC will continue to study, review and complete the draft regulations and soon submit it for approval and application. This will help strengthen the information management at all levels, improve the quality and efficiency of mine action projects and programs in Viet Nam.


Nguyen Linh Giang

Director of Database Center / VNMAC

Head of Information Management Unit, KVMAP