Specific regulations on collection and use of KVMAP project information

Thứ năm, 29/10/2020

Collecting data and information is a regular and daily work that synthesizes reports from technical survey, clearance of mines and explosives, propaganda, education on mine accident prevention, assistance to victims of mines and UXO.

Specific regulations on collection and use of KVMAP project information

Information data, after being collected, must be regularly and continuously analyzed, checked and processed to ensure accuracy and efficiency.

All information data is sent to the local military department at the provincial level (or the provincial mine action agency), the National Landmine / UXO Database Center / VNMAC, after being distributed, inspected, processed, standardized, and digitized must be stored and preserved in the data and information management system.

The storage, preservation, use, duplication and other activities related to information and data on mine / UXO remediation activities must comply with the provisions of the law on protection of State secret and relevant law provisions.

Officers and employees who update and use information databases on Project activities, if granted access to the mine and ERW database management system, and the quality management software must be responsible and strictly manage their access rights in the Data and Information Management System.

Information on activities of the mine / UXO clearance project is aggregated and reported to the PMU, the provincial military agency (or the provincial mine action agency), the Ministry Commander of Engineering and VNMAC. Data and information on the project's progress are also provided for posting on VNMAC's website.

After the project ends, all information on project activities and results will be handed over to the PMU, VNMAC. Organizations and individuals that exploit and use project information shall comply with Article 24, Circular 195/2019 / TT-BQP.

The Project Management Board decides and is responsible for providing data and information to the partners that have a need in relation to the Project activities. VNMAC's Board of Directors decides and is responsible for providing project information and information on the VNMAC website.

Source: KVMAP

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