Positive results of Information Management department up to June 2020

Thứ ba, 06/10/2020

After 3 years of implementation, by June 2020, the Information Management department of the Korea – Vietnam Mine Action Project (KVMAP) has achieved many impressive results.

Positive results of Information Management department up to June 2020

The project has strengthened VNMAC's capacity in mine action information management and issued and implemented the Information Management Regulation for the KV-MAP project. It has also conducted information management training for VNMAC staff, provinces and survey teams to improve capacity in information management.

KVMAP has progressively and carefully ensured to update survey and clearance results into accurate and timely reporting information systems. Furthermore, the project has built KVMAP website under VNMAC website and gradually update news and articles on project activities.

The implementation of the project information management component through activities to develop and issue information management regulations for the KVMAP project was also one of the positive achievements. Via inspecting, monitoring and guiding the construction sites, survey and clearance teams, the Projects manages the project data according to the issued regulations.

In addition, KVMAP continue to map the grid for survey teams; synthesize and import data on confirmed mine pollution areas, mine clearance areas into the information management system IMSMA6 according to the implementation results report to June 2020 for 16,880 ha surveyed and more than 5,000ha of clearance.

Furthermore, the Project has provided data network signal to the general PMU department to share project information. It has trained and improved the capacity on information management for team leaders and information management staff for teams to survey and clear information management systems and processes; improved the reporting efficiency of clearance survey teams and site management.

In addition, a project developer under the VNMAC website was also selected. Currently the category page has been basically completed and put into operation with information about the project being regularly updated.

KVMAP has participated in the development of legal documents; drafted to adjust the project information management regulations accordingly and implemented to clearance survey teams and 2 site management staff. This was done via consultation workshops in 2 provinces and with international partners which focused on effectively clearing mines/UXO.

Source: KVMAP

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