Implementation plan for the Information Management for the last 6 months of 2020

Thứ ba, 06/10/2020
In the face of new developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, the Korea-Vietnam Mine Action Project (KVMAP) after the last 6 months of 2020 will have activities to implement the appropriate Information Management plan.
Implementation plan for the Information Management for the last 6 months of 2020

Specifically, KVMAP will check, monitor, urge and maintain project information management activities in accordance with the issued regulations.

The Project will also check, synthesize and enter data on the results of the biogas engineering, and the area confirmed to be polluted by mines/UXO into the information management system IMSMA6. This will be in accordance to the results reported in the project and will be sharing information with UNDP and reporting to KOICA.

Complete the Project Information Management Regulations to conform to the requirements of Circular 195 through workshops with the Provincial Military Headquarters / District Military Headquarters of the two project implementing provinces and with domestic / international organizations in the Mine/UXO deterrence field.

Establishment of a database for the KV-MAP project was completed through reporting, data information from clearance survey teams and site management, community communication activities from the education and raising awareness against mines/UXO, grassroots data on assistance to mine / UXO survivors that were prepared by the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs. All of aforementioned information is to be included in the information management system.

KVMAP will also be deploying and upgrading the software system for processing, importing data and managing project information: buying a new server, ArcGIS server software and organizing training for project information managers, and a number of clearance teams to test advanced forms of data collection and management.

In addition, the project will be coordinating with a consultant agency and UNDP to provide news and articles and maintain effective operation of the KV-MAP column of VNMAC's website.

Source: KVMAP

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