Results of the implementation of the Mine Accident Prevention Education program up to June 2020

Thứ năm, 01/10/2020
According to the latest data, by June 2020, the Mine Accident Prevention Education program of the KVMAP project has achieved many remarkable results. 
Results of the implementation of the Mine Accident Prevention Education program up to June 2020

Specifically, nearly 150,000 local people and pupils and students in Quang Binh and Binh Dinh provinces participated in raising awareness of mines and UXO. KVMAP also completed survey on mine risk knowledge, attitudes and behaviors to serve as a basis for the development of mine risk education action plans.

KVMAP provided Training of Trainers (ToT) for district officials and school education administrators, as well as diversified the implementation of education and mine risk prevention (MRE) activities in the project communes and schools.

195 volunteers and staff of the Communist Party Committee of the commune, Red Cross Association, Youth Union and Women's Union of Quang Binh and Binh Dinh were trained in skills and knowledge in regard to Education and prevention of landmine / UXO accidents.

154 leaders, staff of the district office of education, and key teachers in Binh Dinh were trained on integrating the Education and prevention of landmine/UXO accidents project into the primary and secondary school curriculum.

5,373 teachers of civic education, science, and ethics at the upper and lower secondary levels in Binh Dinh were trained in integrating the program into the content of the academic and extracurricular courses.

5,523 provincial, district and other local offices (3,771 women - 1,742 men) have received advanced training in regard to the program and are communicators and lecturers on the program for community residents and students.

About 1100 students, 300 students, 650 youth union and 100 army forces, teachers and parents participated in the event on the 4th of April.

Communication and media activities of the program were held in 116 schools and 50 communes: 136,140 pupils and teachers (51% female), 11,085 local people (47% female), 7 TV game programs "Safety at school without bombs and mines" with the participation of 21 high schools and secondary schools in Quang Binh, 2 video clips / 2 audio clips broadcast from June 2019 to January 2020: 96 broadcasts provincial television; 48 radio broadcasts on the provincial radio; a video clip of the Safe Playground Campaign, promoted in regional and global event forums.

Raising awareness program through the loudspeaker system: news stories built by volunteers are broadcast on commune radio 3 times / week, 2 weeks / month from August 2020.

65 posters at school and 29 posters in public places. 200,000 student notebooks were printed and distributed.

Source: KVMAP

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