Vietnam, South Korea cooperate in mine action

Thứ ba, 17/12/2019
200 bomb and mine detectors were given to the Vietnam National Mine Action Centre (VNMAC) at a ceremony in Quang Binh province on Tuesday.
Vietnam, South Korea cooperate in mine action

The devices will be used within the framework of the South Korea-Vietnam mine action project to clean up post-war bombs and mines. The project, which began in March last year, is aimed at improving Vietnam’s capacity to clean up bombs and mines and increase safety in areas contaminated with landmines and unexploded ordnance (UXOs).

225,000 ha of land in Quang Binh province, 30% of the province, is contaminated with landmines and UXOs. The donated mine detectors are able to locate bombs, mines, and explosives under the ground and help the VNMAC build a database on contaminated areas.

Source: VOV5