Challenges and opportunities with the KVMAP project

Thứ hai, 21/12/2020
After a period of implementation, the KVMAP project has achieved many positive results and has made positive changes to the mine and UXO recovery activities in Vietnam.
Challenges and opportunities with the KVMAP project

The KVMAP project has been assessed to bring profound humanitarian significance to Vietnam and has a great impact on attracting countries and international organizations to participate in funding the National Mine Action Program in Vietnam. At the same time, the project affirms Vietnam's capacity to organize and use foreign aid effectively and aim at the right target.
Not only that, but the KVMAP project also contributes to solving security issues and socio-economic development in the localities where the project is implemented.

The success of the project contributes to developing a better relationship between the Government and the people of Vietnam with the Government and the Korean people, while simultaneously aiming towards projects with greater influence, bringing more benefits to the work of recovering from bombs and mines after the war in Vietnam.

Through the project implementation, all forces and units that are directly involved will be comprehensively enhanced and accumulate experience in the field of post-war mine recovery. At the same time, they will be affirming the project management capacity and receiving funding from countries and international organizations. On the other hand, a project management model in accordance with the current conditions and international finance regulations need to be formed.

Furthermore, in the future, post-war landmine / UXO recovery activities’ targets in Vietnam will be met early, meeting the requirements of socio-economic development, ensuring a dignified human life, and sharing in a responsible manner with the countries that were affected by mines and UXO after wars.

Source: KVMAP

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