Mine accident education in Quang Binh

Thứ năm, 28/05/2020

On May 25, 2020, at Van Trach, Bo Trach and Quang Binh primary schools, Korea International Cooperation Agency in Vietnam (KOICA), United Nations Development Program in Vietnam (UNDP), Bomb Action Center Landmine of Vietnam (VNMAC), representatives of Social Protection Department, MOLISA, officials from Quang Binh Province, and the Site Steering Committee organized a program to prevent and fight landmine / UXO (unexploded ordnance) incidents for local students. The event is held in an effort to sooth the pain of war and to raise awareness of preventing landmine / UXO accidents, within the framework of the Vietnam-South Korea Project on overcoming the consequences of mines and ERW after the war (KV- MAP).

Mine accident education in Quang Binh
Attending the program, KOICA senior delegation was led by Mr. Cho Han-Deog - KOICA Country Director of Vietnam; UNDP senior delegation was led by Ms. Caitlin Wiesen - UNDP Viet Nam Resident Representative; High-level delegation of Vietnam National Mine Action Center (VNMAC) was led by Mr. Giang Cong Bau - Deputy General Director of VNMAC; and the presence of nearly 200 students and all teachers, staff of school. 

Despite the current high outdoor temperature in Quang Binh, the program that took place was filled with exciting performances, media skits and productions about the prevention of mine / UXO incidents – all of which was produced by local primary school students.

Not only so, high-ranking representatives of KOICA, VNMAC and UNDP also exchanged and disseminated necessary knowledge about mines and UXO accident prevention for pupils of Van Trach Primary School. Via the program, the Organizing Committee wishes to help elementary school students to gain valuable knowledge about the harms caused by mines and ERW and the skills to handle situations, raise awareness and understand how to prevent mines and unexploded ordnance.

"After participating in the knowledge quiz with Van Trach Primary School students about mine / UXO accident prevention and how to protect themselves and their families, I was very impressed because the students had a lot of knowledge relating to landmine / UXO Prevention and Control. In the future, the Vietnam - South Korea Cooperation Project in overcoming the consequences of post-war mines will continue to carry out mine risk education activities, especially encouraging young people to spread the message when returning to their families and communities," said UNDP Resident Representative in Viet Nam Ms. Caitlin Wiesen.

Students at Van Trach Primary School are very interested in the mine risk education program. 

KOICA Country Director of Vietnam Mr. Cho Han-Deog, also emphasized: “I highly appreciate the effectiveness of mine risk education in the project. It helps to raise people's awareness about mine accidents, especially elementary school children who are the most vulnerable and most likely to be victims of landmine / UXO. In the recent advocacy program at Van Trach Primary School, through the skits performed by students and the Q&A session, I found that the students were bright, quick-witted and knew how to handle the situation if encountered explosives left over from the war. Their level of understanding about mine and UXO incidents is very good. I personally am very satisfied with this.”

According to the results of the National Survey, Quang Binh has about 224,934 hectares contaminated by landmine / UXO, accounting for 30% of the province's area. The project has supported the identification of contaminated areas and removal of bombs, mines, and explosive materials to ensure safety for the authorities and people when constructing and using basic social facilities, such as health stations, schools, and farmland. The project also strengthens the national capacity to manage and implement mine action projects, ensuring timely, effective assistance, and experience to be provided to mine / UXO survivors and their families to reduce the number of landmine / UXO incidents.